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Founded in 1985, 4 Gasa is a company from Seville, which specialises in the manufacture and distribution of household, disposable and industrial gloves.

From the beginning, 4 GASA S.L. has maintained its commitment to product quality, which is backed up by the exhaustive, rigorous quality control measures carried out at our laboratories, which our gloves undergo before reaching consumers, as well as our European certifications.

In addition to product quality, customer satisfaction is also vital for us. To achieve this, we have a team of qualified professionals with industry experience, which works extensively to meet our customers’ needs and requests.
Since the beginning, our glove factory has had customers from all around the world. We have taken our gloves to countries in which quality and reliability in terms of delivery schedules are essential, which has made us one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of latex gloves.

Quality Policy